Pruning hibiscus: this is how you do it

The hibiscus is a popular plant in the garden because of its beautiful flowers with a colorful heart. Hibiscus shrubs are available in many colors including white, pink but also red. They are an asset in the garden because they bloom for a long time until October. The hibiscus is usually planted outdoors in the ground, but can also be placed in a pot. Most hibiscus are planted as shrubs in the garden, but you can also use them as a hedge. For example, also look at a hibiscus on a trunk or a hibiscus lower taxa.

Planting and fertilizing
In fact, the hibiscus is an easy bow that can serve well in almost any garden soil. The only requirement is that the plant always wants the soil to be airy and water permeable. The hibiscus likes the sun, but really in full sun is just too much of a good thing. Then the leaves become less attractive and growth is also inhibited. The shrub prefers to be in a mild sun in the morning and then filtered sunlight is preferred, for example in the shade of a tree. If spring has a lot of rain and little sun to offer, the flowers will hardly open later and the flowering time will be a disappointment. The hibiscus really hates drafts, then lice develop quickly. A hibiscus often has a hard time the first year after planting, but often recovers quickly after that. The plant likes some fertilizer in the spring in the form of bone and blood meal. If there are yellow spots on the leaves, this indicates a lack of potassium and you should add it.

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